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The Stratus Roof System


Fixed at 20˚ pitch this allows the system to use the incredibly discreet purpose designed top caps and internal covers, without unsightly gaps to rafter ends.

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Polyamide nylon, glass composite thermal breaks are 533 times more thermally efficient than aluminium!

3 Way Design

Max size 3000mm (w) x 6000mm (l)

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2 Way Design

Max size 1500mm (w) x 6000mm (l)

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Contemporary Design

Max size 1500 (w) x 3000mm (l)

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roof lantern suppliers


Stratus skylights enable us to supply an inovative and stylish new product to our customers. Stratus is a great way of adding light to a property with its superb contemporary looks. Our new range allows owners to enjoy a larger glass area and cleaner sightlines.

There’s an excellent energy efficiency element that should not be overlooked, saving you energy during the winter and keeping you cool during the summer. We must also mention we have a wide choice of fantastic options and specialist colour pallets available. Please contact us for details.

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Why Choose Us?


An outstanding contemporary design that adds height and volume to a room


Clean lines – there’s no crestings or finials


Unique spiderglazing bar cap maintains the sleek appearance


Exceptional energy efficiency with a U-value of 1.0 achievable


A choice of glass options


Fixed 20 degree pitch


A 10-year product guarantee


Quick and easy installation process


5 day turnaround

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Sky View Lanterns are dominating design and performance systems across the UK with their ultra modern style using greatly advanced heat loss and UV protection systems

When choosing Sky View Lanterns, you are also electing the Stratus system, which is by far the most desirable and aspirational home improvement solution on the market today. When you choose Sky View Lanterns, Stratus is the one.

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